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Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g
Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g
Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g
Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g
Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g
Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g
Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g
Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g

Vivarini - Fennikel økologisk (frø) 50 g

  • Fennel seeds have a sweet taste and a pleasant, spicy aroma. They are perfect as an addition to tea, yerba mate and herbal infusions, and as an ingredient in dishes.
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Fennel seeds – a valued herb and spice. They perfectly complement tea and yerba mate-based infusions, giving them a subtle, sweetish aftertaste and a pleasant, slightly spicy aroma, similar to aniseed and liquorice. In British cuisine, they are popular as an accompaniment to fish and meat dishes. It is a good idea to crush the seeds in a mortar before use to release the aromatic oils, whether adding them to an infusion or a dish.

Additional information:

Ingredients: 100% fennel seeds

Net weight: 50g

Produced for: Venusti Sp. z o.o.

Country of origin: Egypt

Best before: expiry date and batch number on the package

Fennel seeds – how to prepare an infusion?

Using fennel seeds as a base, you can make a stand-alone infusion or add them in small amounts to tea, yerba mate or mixed herbs. To prepare an infusion, pour 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds into boiling water (approximately 200 ml). Leave the infusion to brew, covered, for about 10-15 minutes.

Nutrition facts per 100g:

Energy: 1218kJ/288kcal;
of which: saturates:
of which sugars:
Fiber: 14g;
Protein: 20g;
Salt: 0.52g.

Why you should choose Vivarini?

  • Vivarini meets the expectations of consumers - even the most picky ones - who want excellent taste in the products they choose, with attention to high quality, proven origin and the highest ethical production standards.
  • Vivarini is committed to the shortest possible routes for transporting goods. This minimises the carbon footprint, in effect making Vivarini products even more environmentally friendly.
  • Vivarini is a brand that only works with reliable and trustworthy growers who are able to meet a set of rigorous standards.
  • Vivarini products have been certified to meet food safety requirements and guarantee their natural origin (no GMO!).
  • You will receive each of the products you order in sealed, food-grade packaging that perfectly protects the contents from weathering and losing their precious qualities.
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50g [dan]
Producentens kode
Vivarini – Fennel 50g
Yderligere oplysninger
Produktet kan indeholde jordnødder, nødder, glutenholdige kornprodukter.
Produkt med økologisk certifikat: PL-EKO-02 (Landbrug uden for EU)
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